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Competition is not compulsory, but for those athletes who would like to test themselves against others in their age group and event group, there is a range of competition opportunities.

For athletes based on or near the Gold Coast there are regular competitions conducted at the Griffith University Athletics Track. All GCV athletes, regardless of whether they are registered as Base, Dual, Traditional or Platinum members can compete for a fixed (discounted) price (currently $10).


Queensland Athletics also conducts regular competitions throughhout the summer in Brisbane, called Shield Meets. While almost all of these will be conducted at the State Athletics Facility (SAF) at QSAC, some events are held on occasion at the University of Queensland at St. Lucia. Competition fees for Brisbane meets (Shield Meets, State Relay Championships, Qld Combined Events Championships, Qld Open and Junior Championships) are variable according to the membership category and the level of event.